Saturday, February 18, 2006

Controversy Journal

The community that I will be exploring in my Inquiry Essay is one that I am very familiar with. I will be exploring the community of soccer fans, players, and coaches in the United States of America. People in this community are people who have a true passion for the sport of soccer, or "the beautiful game." European and South American soccer resembles dancing more than any sport, as evidenced by Brazilian stars like Ronaldinho. When he is moving the ball around, juking and swerving past helpless defenders, it all seems like a choreographed set of movements; an elaborate dance, of sorts. Many players in the NCAA soccer association play for nothing more than their own enjoyment. They may not ever play past college, but they know that the game is about more than making big bucks and signing endorsements. It’s about going out with your friends and teammates, competing together and working with each other to reach that single goal that will give you the win. However, the controversy that I will be exploring is a subject that I am not very familiar with. That is, the simple question of why soccer isn’t more popular in the united states, considering its worldwide status. In almost every other country in the world, soccer is the number one sport, both for participants and spectators. I will be looking into all aspects of the soccer systems implemented in the U.S. and around the world, from youth to professional. I will explore the reasons that Americans are "turned off" by soccer as a sport. Sure, we do see a good amount of youth involvement, but at some point in between the high school and college days, all of the truly gifted athletes choose sports like baseball, basketball, or football. They chase after the big markets that we have for these sports, leaving behind the less established professional soccer league we have, the MLS. I will also be examining cultural issues (i.e., our fear of foreign cultural aspects) as well as the issue of stereotypes for soccer players. This is a controversy to which I am very attached, as soccer has always been a part of my life. Throughout this semester, I will attempt to dissect this controversy in order to form my own educated opinion on why this is happening and what can be done to change it for the sport that I love.


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good topic. I think your research will be fruitful. I also have a lead for you. I suggest you contact my friend and former colleague Jason Williams. He was a soccer commentator for an online soccer mag. whose homebase was in the UK and whose effort to start their magazine in the US failed for the exact reason that you state. I bet Jason could give you some good perspectives and speculation on why this is the case and where you can read about it. REMIND ME TO EMAIL YOU HIS ADDRESS.

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