Thursday, February 23, 2006

Intramural soccer

Ok, so this may not seem like a justified, or even a decent, choice for a blogging exercise. Well, bear with me. I am going to attempt to find some things about the nature of intramural sports, and in turn, some things about myself. I play on an Indoor Soccer team which has games about 3 times a week, for a little over a month. As per the rules, we are allowed 3 varsity soccer players for each team, so the rest of the team is made up of whoever we may be able to round up, skills aside. Obviously, the more senior laden teams have more talent because of this, as they know the kids at school who are former soccer players, and have had their rosters set for 2 or 3 years already. This leaves my team in a precarious position, as we found it very hard to fill out our roster with semi-decent to decent players. We managed to find a few kids who played soccer in high school, but for the most part our team is comprised of people who just wanted to play for the sake of fun. Now I am not one of those people who doesn’t think their respective sport should be viewed as fun. I love soccer, and couldn’t see myself playing any other sport. However, when it comes to game time, I get a competitive streak. I think of nothing less than winning, and that’s just how I approach the game. Now the question comes with I play the entire game, so that we have a better chance to win, or do I just allow everyone to play because intramural ARE supposed to be for fun, and for nothing else. Well, in today’s game, I sat myself out for more than half the game. I made sure everyone that came played as much as, if not more, than myself. We ended up losing, but everyone seemed happy to have participated, and that made me feel good. I feel like we should take intramural’s for what they are; a chance to play with people that you can’t always play with, and just have some fun. In the end, I always want the win. However, if all of my teammates are happy at the end of the game, I’ll walk away with a smile on my face. And a loss.


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