Thursday, February 09, 2006

J/ Describe your expectations for this class. What do you expect this class to be? What is influencing your perceptions of this class? What do you want to leave this class knowing? What are your goals for the class? What are you looking forward to in the class? What are you nervous about? What is the most important change you want to see in yourself of your writing that you think this course could foster?

As I stated on the first day our class met, one of the main reasons I choose this class was because it was an open english course. However, I also had some other motives regarding my choice of an "Advanced Expository Writing" course. For one thing, I recognized that this class would no doubt have a multitude of writing assignments. As everyone in the class now knows, this is not a concern, as we will be writing at least 30 minutes each day, not including class time. This amount of practice will no doubt improve my skills as a writer, as I have never experienced a course in my entire life where writing is expected and assigned daily. I also think that this class will be able to help me format my writing as a tool of persuasion, a skill which I will no doubt be using in the real world. One of the main things I am looking forward to is the fact that this class will be much more involved than most of the classes I have experienced in my time at Randolph-Macon. Some teachers feel that lecturing for the entire hour (or two hours) is the only way to teach a class, and I feel that this method does nothing but put students to sleep. I am a little nervous about having all of my writings available online for the entire class to see, but I think that has to do more with my attitudes as a writer than anything else. As with most people who write, I feel that my works, my creations, are always something to be admired rather than criticized. However, I have faith that any criticism will be more positive reinforcement than anything else. The main thing I want to see change in myself regarding writing is my ability to persuade others through my writing. I feel like as I move on past Randolph-Macon, I will need this skill in order to improve my status in the real world, whether it is applying to graduate school, searching for a job, or just sending a letter to a family friend. As an extension of this, I believe that my skills in persuasion will transcend writing and include every type of communication including speech.


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