Monday, February 13, 2006

J1/ In “Community, Commitment, and Individuality,” Bellah et al argue that community involvement leads to and fosters civic individualism/civic engagement. Think about the example of Angelo Donatello, who found that embracing his individual heritage as an Italian-American compelled him to join not only a local chapter of the Sons of Italy but also inspired him to become a civic leader in Boston. Think also about Cecilia Dougherty, whose sense of civic engagement—her desire to help the “have nots have power that reflects their numbers” (pg. 84)—extends from her awareness of her private life, i.e. the values instilled in her by her parents as well as her struggles as a widowed housewife with four children. Make a comprehensive list of the many communities—large/small, formal/informal, serious/silly—that you consider yourself a part of. For each community, reflect on what has led you to participate in these communities. Did you join a particular community because it reflected the values you were raised with (such as a religious youth group or)? The values/interests you are beginning to embrace on your own (such as a “simple living” club or a “literary society”)? The values/interests of your peers (such as a ‘greek’ organization or a “Maroon 5” fan club)? To what degree is your membership in these communities an extension of private and/or social aspects of your personality? Please explain.
Soccer Player
Soccer is a sport that has been in my family since my brother started playing when he was only 6. I, of course, followed in his footsteps, joining the same club team and playing through high school, continuing with the team here at RMC. My dad also is the President of the Richmond Kickers pro soccer team.
Member of a Fraternity
As a member of the Theta Chi fraternity here on RMC’s campus, I am a member of not only our chapter but of the fraternity throughout the nation. The thought of that level of brotherhood and commradiarie, as well as my relationships with the members I met as a freshman (including my brother) led me to join. I couldn’t be happier with the people I have met through this, and I know that in the real world I will meet other members of Theta Chi who will be able to aid me in any way that I may need.
Direct Family Community
I feel like my direct family has been vital to my growth as a person. Although our relationships with my cousins, etc., may not be as evident, I still count on them when I need something and know I can trust them. My brother and sister are two of my best friends in the world, as are my mother and father. If all else fails, I feel like they are always a crutch that I can lean back on.
Lovers of "Family Guy"
Although this is a bit less serious then my above examples, I think it still shows a strong character trait; that is, a strong sense of humor. The family guy TV show is always one to poke fun at popular culture, and I find this to be some of the most entertaining stuff that I have ever seen. It never shies away from any subject, and teaches you (if you can believe it teaches anything) that you can’t take everything as supremely serious all the time; its important to have fun and maintain a sense of humor.
Formally Latin Club
I used to be in the Latin club in high school. Basically I did it to put on college applications, but none the less, it was my first foray into such a club. It taught me such important lessons as NOT MISSING MEETINGS. I use this skill now in meeting with my coaches and for fraternity meetings, as well as at work.
Minnesota Vikings fans
Now this one im a bit ashamed of, but I still love them more than any sports team (professional, that is). I grew up being force fed Washington Redskins hoopla, and simply could not see myself liking them. My dad is from Pennsylvania, so my brother began liking the Pittsburgh Steelers. I choose the Vikings for reasons unbeknownst to me at the time, but I carry the passion of being a true fan with me to this day. Even when they have terrible seasons, all my friends know me as the "One Vikings Fan" on the planet.
Now, this is a new one to me. I have never blogged in my life, nor will I see myself doing it after this class. However, I am now a full fledged blogger, something that my roommate enjoys making fun of. Nearly every time I am at my computer, I hear these words echo from his desk... "You Bloggin???" He loves making fun of this fact, and I find it funny myself. It seems like it’s a nerdy thing to do, and in fact, still seems that way. However, it is a good forum for posting my works and documents, and will help me in the long run.


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