Monday, April 24, 2006

A Blog about Blogging by Blogs McGee

I talked a little bit before about my roommate and his unconditional feeling of hatred for the term "Blogging." This hatred also include the terms blog, blogger, and blogge (the receiever of a blog). He asks me such everyday questions as, "You bloggin?" or, "Gotta love blogging!" or, my personal favorite, "Hey, it’s bloggity blogmaster!" Now as much as I love hearing him barrage me with a flurry of blog related names, I am going to step up and defend blogging. I too made fun of it at first. The idea of blogging was unfamiliar territory for me, so I approached it with caution. Some of my precursory thoughts rang true, as I believed from the beginning (and still do) that blogging, in general, is a nerdy task. Your hunched over a computer for upwards of 30 minutes, typing constantly and only occasionally looking away from your desk. The ferocious verbal jabs from onlookers never end; just now, my roomate told me "Hey blog man, blog much lately? You love blogging, you’re a regular blogsman. Hurry up and finish or the fiendish blogmaster will you get you." However, the general idea behind the whole blogging thing is one that I can support. By posting new works daily, you are constantly keeping your writing skills sharp and sound. You can look around at other peoples blogs, in order to get ideas for your own. Also, classmates as well as teachers can look at your blog, and give you constructive criticism to help you in problem areas. Even people outside of your class can go and check out your works, so you can let family members or friends give you a second opinion when, and if, it is needed. All in all, I feel like our class using the blog system is a good way to showcase our works. It allows us freedom to write daily, and the chance to express our opinions. Most of all, it allows us all to be made fun of by roommates and the like. Signing off, Blogs McGee.


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