Friday, April 21, 2006

I woke up this morning to the wonderful sounds of my alarm tearing past my ear drums and through my head. I took one look outside, saw a cloudy mess of rain and wetness, and set my head back down. I was already sure that this was the begining of a bad day. Isn't it funny how the weather can so easily affect our mood? A somber weather pattern leads to somber people. Nice, warm weather leads to cheery people who just want to enjoy the day. I never truely realized how much weather affected my mood until I got to college. I have experienced one (or 10) too many absences simply based on weather alone. Who wants to sit inside a dark room, listening to a teacher drag on and on about chlorophyll, and stare outside the window at an even drearier sight. Its days like these where you just want to sit in your room, possibly sleep, possibly watch tv, possibly do nothing. But teachers should understand that it is not our fault. It's the weather's fault. Blame mother earth and nature for my stockpile of absences. I will see you on monday when it is warmer and dryer. Or maybe I'll skip again to play some football or basketball.


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