Sunday, April 30, 2006

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

I step out of the back door of my house, and the warmth of a beautiful spring day envelops my body. The smell of the flowers and the freshly cut grass make me realize how lucky I am to be alive. Better yet, I recognize that the little things in life are the true reasons that we can, and should, enjoy ourselves. Little things like playing a game of croquet, breathing in the sweet air and forgetting the stresses of every day life. I take off my sandels, and slowly press my bare feet onto the grass. The individual blades slide between my toes, the soil beneath sticks to my the balls and heels of my feet. I turn to my right, surveying the bushes for any signs of life. A robin hops along the ground, moving slowly, its head on a constant swivel. Out of its tiny body, chirps and whistles become audible in the air. They combine with a different sound; a sort of squeal, a mixture between a chirp and a yell. These sounds are coming out of two squirrels, both jockeying for position on a tree to my left. They scurry and stumble along the branches. As if they are an advanced, choregraphed pair, they begin to jump from one limb to the other. Looking back down at my feet, I see a small cricket. He hops up and down, clearing the grass and then submerging back into it. I look out onto the horizon; the sun is at its peak, and the result is a mixture of colors bouncing from the blue sky to the white-grey clouds. The wind is beginning to pick up. The warm air beams on my face, broken up by the occasional breeze slicing through like a knife slicing through butter. Another smell drifts past my nose, causing me to freeze mid-step. One of the neighbors is grilling hamburgers or hot dogs; the burning charcoal reminds me of summer. On this day, I understand the gifts of life that we all take for granted on a daily basis. My mind wanders, my senses jump at every little thing that they pick up. I understand why I can always smile. Even when things are rough, even when the days drag on and on, even when I face adversity, I can smile. Because life is about more than just school, work, money, or status. Its about the little things. Its about a regular sunday afternoon.


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