Saturday, April 29, 2006

Style Guide Lesson 10

The 10th chapter in our Style guide is entitled "The Ethics of Style." Its purpose, as stated in the first few pages, is to drive home the idea that we must write as readers. What this means, in simple terms, is that in order to be a truely skilled writer, one must see the writing as his/her audience would see it. By stressing this idea, writers will write more clearly, efficently, and effectively, without losing style. The chapter questions our abilities to write for an intended audience, and asks whether we as writers truely work at our craft in order to write with style everytime we create something. It goes over several devices used by modern companies or businesses, including the idea of intended misdirection. For example, an automobile company may knowingly use language that is intended to mislead the audience, in order to make themselves look better. The point the chapter makes is that writing can be intereprated in any number of ways, and writing will always have crtics and cynics. However, what is important is looking past these criticisms to your intended audience. If what you write is exactly how you want your intended audience to see it, then be happy with your work. Use style and elegance in order to send your messege, but don't forgot about clarity and conciseness. All of these elements must be put together in a way that your reader will understand your true thoughts and feelings. And that, in itself, is the ability to use style in your writing.


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